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Facilities Hiding & Spreading Infections in the Elderly

There is no question that the elderly are at an increased risk for COVID-19, according to the CDC. In fact, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers for the elderly were some of the first facilities to implement various "lock-down" policies when the virus started spreading. But what happens when those that are charged with taking care of the most vulnerable of our communities are the ones responsible for their deaths?

Reports are now surfacing of local assisted living facilities that knew of active COVID-19 cases in the facility and yet refused to disclose that information to families. Many facilities restricted visitors and allowed only phone calls and a view from a window to prevent infection. Many of those same facilities, however, had active cases but did not notify its residents or their families.

One such facility in College Station has suffered 11 deaths before acknowledging to the residents' familities that they had both employees and residents that were infected. By then, 32 of the 47 residents were infected, 11 dead, 14 hospitalized and 13 employees infected. (According to the Associated Press).

These complaints are certainly not new, but the recent pandemic exacerbates the problem. Facilities refuse to communicate with families and give them options to remove uninfected residents. While various lobbying groups are constantly working to remedy oversight issues, change is slow in coming. Meanwhile, the elderly are dying due to the negligence of these facilities.

If you have a loved one in any type of care facility, demand answers. If your loved one has been infected in one of these facilities, call us now. You may have a case against the facility for failing to take the proper precautions and failing to notify you. Dean LAw Firm will fight for you and your loved ones.

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