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Experienced Drafting & Enforcing of Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation Agreements

Businesses, companies, and corporations commonly use non-compete and non-solicitation agreements within employment and trade contracts. When these agreements are ignored, forgotten, or misinterpreted, the ramifications can be significant and often lead to complex legal conflicts. Without knowledgeable, experienced counsel, a business’s profits and reputation could both be severely damaged in the process, or an individual may find it inordinately difficult to obtain gainful employment.

Dean Law Firm is well-familiar with non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, as well as how to resolve issues that arise because of them. If you or your company has run into trouble due to an agreement that was broken by another party, or after your business was accused of breaking an agreement, you can depend on us for the trusted counsel you need and deserve.

A recent contract litigation success story from our firm:


A large, family-owned Texas company was caught up in an Ohio federal case involving non-compete clauses and the apparent misappropriation of trade secrets with a global conglomerate. Dean Law Firm was able to reach a beneficial settlement in under 8 months and protect the family business.


As a plaintiff or a defendant, you can call to retain our legal services for a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement case.

Understanding Limiting Business Agreements

Non-compete agreements and non-solicitation clauses are often violated intentionally, but many cases originate solely due to a lack of contractual understanding. In order to determine if your case is valid, it is necessary to first understand the basics of such agreements.

  • What is a non-compete agreement?
    A non-compete agreement is commonly used in employment contracts and state that the employee cannot work for or from another company similar to the employer’s company for a certain amount of time and within a certain mile radius.

  • What is a non-solicitation agreement?
    A non-solicitation agreement in Texas bars an employee from engaging with a company’s clients or customers with the intent of gaining some sort of benefit after leaving the company. The solicitation does not necessarily need to be detrimental to the company that created the non-solicitation agreement.


Texas and federal courts use various factors to determine whether such agreements are reasonable and should be enforced. If you utilize these types of agreements in your business, let Dean Law Firm make sure that it is enforceable under the current laws. It is not always easier to ask for forgiveness later when dealing with non-solicitation and non-compete agreements. We can help you and your business navigate these agreements and develop a strategy that best benefits you, improving your chances of avoiding any potential violations or conflicts later.

Professional Representation with a Personalized Approach


Our Texas business litigation attorneys have built a reputation in our communities for providing large firm results simultaneously with small firm attention. When you come to Dean Law Firm for help with enforcing or defending against a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement, you are not just retaining a professional with years of experience and unmatched legal knowledge, you are also recruiting a friend to stand by your side.

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