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Dean Law Firm caters to its clients.

“The best lawyers in town, they get you exactly what you deserve!”

- Quinn H.

“I will recommend The Dean Law Firm to anyone who has been injured in the oilfield.”

- J.V.

"Chris and Danielle were incredible from start to finish! Especially during the shutdowns and social distancing they did everything they could to get the job done as quickly as possible. I honestly couldn’t have made a better decision with my legal representation. I highly recommend the Dean Law Firm to anyone with a personal injury/oilfield injury case they want settled quickly and effectively."

- Brandon

My case was not a money maker by any stretch of the imagination, but Dean Law Firm treated it and me with the same amount of consideration and respect.  Thanks to Chris and especially Danielle!

- Debbie

Mrs. Ross has represented my family in both a personal lawsuit and assisted with the set up of our business. She guided us through all of the information and paperwork gracefully and promptly. Her clear guidance made both my personal case and our business setup easy and stress free.

- Hannah

“Mr. Dean represented myself and our family of companies in an action against a large insurance carrier. The suit was related to hurricane Ike and lasted for over two years until settlement in April of 2011. This was a very complicated law suit involving multiple business entities with very complicated business damage losses and models. Chris had a comprehensive understanding of how all business works, which I have found to be unusual in attorneys, but more importantly he was incredibly diligent in the pursuit of our claims. I never had to push or ask for movement as he was vigilant about the claim. I know that Mr. Dean has many clients that he represents; but for my part, I always had the feeling that my case was the only one he was working on. Throughout the course of this litigation he has proved to be a very intelligent man with great integrity, and a true advocate for his clients. I have been in business for over 20 years in Texas and have had the experience with many lawyers in many legal actions. I will and do recommend Mr. Dean without reservation and I personally intend to use he and his firm for any and all causes of action that arise going forward at his discretion”

- Todd

“Absolute excellence. Christopher Dean and his crew get it done. Dean Law Firm was there for me during the hardest time of my life and resulting personal injury case. Dean represents you with the utmost respect, expertise and diligence to get you what you deserve FAST. Thank you Christopher Dean and staff! I would never be where I am at today without you guys, forever grateful! If you are in need, contact the Dean Law Firm and get TEAM DEAN on your side today!”

- Bobby H.

“There simply aren't enough positive words to adequately describe the compassion, empathy, expertise, and professionalism we experienced during our 15-month case with the Dean Law Firm family. Christopher Dean and his staff treated us with the utmost respect, dignity and care. They were always available, just a phone call, email or in-person visit away, and were incredibly thorough in researching and reviewing our case as they pursued justice. Throughout that dark and difficult time, I took comfort in knowing that we were in the hands of a trustworthy, upstanding man of character like Christopher Dean, who would help us right the wrongs and ultimately find a resolve to the trauma we had endured. If ever you find yourself in need of legal assistance, the Dean Law Firm will be the gift of peace that you deserve. They have my enthusiastic recommendation.”

- Barbara G.

“Once I came to the realization my family and their welfare were in jeopardy, I knew I could only fully trust a Godly person. I found that person in Chris Dean. From the very first meeting throughout our case, Chris professed his faith and demonstrated his commitment through all his actions by being thorough, just, honest, forthcoming, direct, counselor in faith, strong in will, and compassionate. We were blessed to have Chris guide and represent us through our most difficult time.”

- Diana O.

"From the very beginning, Danielle was both professional and warm, understanding and knowledgeable. She helped us understand the process, what we needed to do, and took a great responsibility from our shoulders. I appreciate her attentiveness, attention to detail, and kindness toward my wife and me. On top of all of this, I was able to rest assured that she would neither abuse me nor the person who harmed me, and things would be handled ethically, honestly, and promptly. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing legal representation, but I pray you don’t have a similar need as mine when the time comes!"

- David

Other attorneys trust Dean Law Firm with their referrals.

“I fully recommend Christopher Dean as a competent, compassionate, and hard-working attorney. Chris asked me to act as local Utah counsel for an extremely complicated personal injury case involving severe burns and trauma arising from the negligence of various mining companies outside of Price, Utah. Chris went above and beyond what ordinary attorneys would do in this case and ultimately developed an extremely effective case theory that put pressure on the defendants where they ordinarily would have been reluctant to resolve the matter. Because of Chris's thorough trial preparation, our client received an optimal settlement which probably ranks in the top 5 settlements ever reached in a Utah personal injury case. More importantly, however, Chris gained the trust of his client by including him every step of the way and ensuring that the client's future medical needs and other needs were meticulously planned out and executed. I highly recommend Chris to any client who demands excellence from their attorney."

- Local counsel

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