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#EndtheStreakTX & the Realities of Texas Roads

It has been 19 years (as of November 7th) since Texas roads have had a death-free day. In 2018 alone 3,647 fatalities occurred on Texas roadways. Whether by drunk driving, weather conditions, or driver inattention (such as from texting), this anniversary illustrates the truth about the dangers of driving in Texas.

Tragedies occur (literally) every day on Texas roadways, and it takes more than just defensive driving to protect yourself. When you are involved in a car wreck (as you most likely will be at some point in your life), your first priority it to take care of yourselves and your passengers. Your second priority is to make sure a second tragedy doesn't ruin your family. There are times when you need a lawyer to protect your rights and your family. Unlike others, Dean Law Firm will let you know when a little self-help is prescribed. But when you truly need help for you and your family, Dean Law Firm will step in and protect your family like our own. Contact us as soon as possible after your car wreck to get real, honest advice and help when you need it most.

For more on the efforts to #EndthestreakTX, see a recent Houston Chronicle article on the anniversary events.

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