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An 18 wheeler was carrying too heavy of a load and turned over, causing a pile up

It has been in recent news that a truck in Ohio carrying thousands of piglets turned over killing hundreds with hundreds more on the loose. The next day there was another truck in Tulsa Oklahoma with a load of cattle that turned over on a highway ramp killing or injuring dozens of cattle and causing hours and hours of traffic backed up behind it. While neither of these accidents had any human casualties, trucks overturning is an occurrence that happens more often than we would like.


Bad weather and high winds push on the broad sides of a fully loaded truck causing it to overturn or a driver is going too fast to navigate a sharp turn and it turns over. In either scenario, the result is often the same: an injured driver, damaged cargo, and other drivers involved in a pile up behind the wreck.

Sometimes the cause may be the driver’s negligence with either poor, unsafe driving or allowing his rig to be loaded with too much weight. Drivers are held to high standards and regulations that govern how many hours they can be on the road, keeping records of when and where they are headed, and the weight of their loads. If a driver is found liable for the accident that caused a pile up that you were involved in then you may be able to recover damages from his insurance.

Finding out who is responsible

Our attorneys perform thorough investigations for our clients and once the cause of the accident is determined we can then pursue damages from the responsible party or parties. Depending on the result of the investigation there may be several liable parties involved including the insurance company, the company that owns the truck, and the driver.

Hire someone with experience

Our attorneys have experience in these cases. We can help you navigate the court system and help you get what you deserve. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident caused by a semi-truck and has suffered injury or death, call Dean Law Firm at 281-280-8900 or Contact us online.

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